Principal Message

Where do I educate my child? All of us parents, I am sure have passed through this phase. Many without doubt, would have spent sleepless nights in their quest for an ideal educational institution.

‘We teach some by what we say,
We teach some by what we do,
But we teach most by what we are’

In a very dynamic, global and competitive educational environment, there is much that is expected from a school today. Teacher’s responsibilities have extended beyond the classroom and the students. Besides the core responsibility of an all round education, ethical living, discipline, guidance, emotional, social and economic needs of the students and also the courage to stand up for what is right and true is the new mantra.

I believe that we at Sky Birds, have correctly identified and recognized the wide range of needs created by a diverse student body, no longer limited to cultural, racial or ethnic differences. Having done so, we have taken the right step and embarked on a major transformation and reconstruction process, to improve our capacity and respond not only to traditional/national roles but also to the demands placed upon us by a globalised economy. In the process we find Sky Birds strategically armed and prepared to face the challenges posed by a constantly evolving educational scenario.

At Sky Birds, our teachers are encouraged to go beyond their traditional roles and function also as counselors and managers. Also involved in decision-making, the credit for the school’s focus and progress is shared by all. Parents are an integral part of our institution and encouraged to actively participate in all school activities. I can assure that at Sky Birds, we are committed to providing a caring learning environment for our students, a caring welcoming working environment for our staff and a caring welcoming environment for our families. ‘ACHIEVEMENT’ no doubt is our bottom line. Teachers, students, administrators and families, sharing goals and expectations whilst communicating regularly and supporting each other, serves to ensure that each and every student achieves to the very best of their ability. The true key to our success and student’s success lies in timely positive and cooperative communication between home and school. A team player to the core, I firmly believe in T.E.A.M… ‘Together Everyone Accomplishes More.

I read and I forget,
I see and I remenber,
I do and I understand

Says Confucius, which aptly sums up what Sky Birds is all about. Our students, at all levels are given the opportunity to do and to understand.

Do I need to say more? Well, as Principal, I welcome you to the Sky Birds experience where SUCCESS is a way of life!